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August 7, 2015  /  6:00 AM
Unemployment Jumps! Or Does It?

AU UnemploymentAmong the most closely watched economic statistics in Australia are the employment data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (the ABS): the unemployment rate, the level of total employment, and the split between full-time and part-time employment

August 6, 2015  /  6:01 AM
US Share Market

US SharesThe US economic upswing is the most advanced among the largest world economies. Since the deep collapse during the GFC, the economy has (more or less) steadily advanced. Over the last 7 years, the US cash rate, called the fed funds rate, has been just above zero.

July 17, 2015  /  7:03 AM
World Growth Picks Up

Over the last couple of months, world growth has started to re-accelerate. In Europe (about 20% of the world’s economy) growth has started to recover after the European Central Bank (ECB) stepped up its program on monetary stimulus by buying more government bonds (called “quantitative easing” or QE). In the US (25% of the world economy), a mini-slump caused by very cold weather in the eastern US in the first quarter of the year has ended, and the economy has picked up.

July 6, 2015  /  4:44 AM
Greece: What Now?

Greek TragedyYesterday, in a nationwide referendum, the Greek people voted by over 60% to turn down the terms of the most recent offer of restructuring by the so-called “Troika” – the European Union (EU) , the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This has thrown the markets into a tizzy, but what does it really mean?

June 17, 2015  /  4:52 AM
Economic & Market Update 11th June 2015

NigelPresentation to Authorised Representatives of SIRA Group on the 11th June 2015 by Chief Investment Officer, Nigel Purchase:


June 5, 2015  /  6:29 AM
Is the Worst Over?

The March GDP figures released on Wednesday showed that growth in the first quarter of this year was 0.9% in real terms. Of that, 0.6% came from the rise in export volumes, which increased 5% in the quarter. This was unexpectedly large, and in fact over the year (“year-on-year”), which is a smoother change, the increase was just 8.1%, a rate of growth in exports roughly where it’s been for the last few years.

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