Managed Discretionary Accounts

Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDA’s)
What is an MDA?

An MDA is an account established in your name or a relevant entity’s name such as a self-managed super fund, family trust or company. Investments are made in the entity name in accordance with your Investment Program.
For your convenience, discretionary authority is given to SIRA Group to trade on your behalf. This eliminates the need to constantly obtain your agreement or instructions to sell, buy, apply for or redeem investments in financial products.

How does an MDA work?

To establish and operate your account, an MDA agreement is signed which sets out the terms and conditions of your Investment Program.

You give us specific and on-going discretionary authority as part of the MDA agreement. We are obliged to manage your MDA portfolio in accordance with the agreed Investment Program and that authority.

By giving us discretionary authority, you empower us to deal and invest on your behalf. You remain the beneficial owner of holdings or funds in your MDA, but we will control day-to-day investment on behalf of your MDA.
Of course, you may instruct us at any time regarding your MDA portfolio or particular holdings. This overrides the discretionary authority previously given to us. You may terminate your MDA agreement by notice to us in accordance with the Agreement.

SIRA Group is licensed to provide Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) services to both wholesale and retail clients.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of an MDA include:

  • Ongoing monitoring and active management by investment professionals;
  • Swift response to market changes;
  • Access to a range of research and leveraging our investment team’s stock selection and portfolio management expertise;
  • Administrative convenience;
  • Investment flexibility;
  • Easy to adjust; and
  • No exit fees

You may contribute or withdraw funds or holdings from your MDA subject to minimum portfolio value requirements being met.



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