Your Investment Program

Your Investment Program

Your program is tailored to your needs, expectations and situation. We use a simple but effective process to manage your investment success.

1. Analysis of your current situation

To make sure we understand your needs and goals, our first consultation with you is for fact finding. This ensures we have a full appreciation of your situation and what we can do for you.

    This includes your:

  • Timeframes
  • Risk tolerance
  • Investment objectives
  • Investment timeframe
  • Existing investments
  • Investment preferences
  • Tax position
  • Liquidity and cash flow requirements
2. Recommendations

Our investment program recommendations include advice on asset allocation for your portfolio.
Within each asset class we select a range of investments to provide suitable diversification. This ensures that your portfolio is appropriate for your objectives, risk tolerance and investment timeframe.

3. Implementation

The next step is to implement your investment program according to the agreed asset allocation. We take into account your investment objectives, liquidity and cash flow requirements, risk tolerance, restrictions and personal specifications. This is formalised in the Managed Discretionary Account [link to page] agreement. Once this is signed, all investment decisions for your portfolio are managed on a discretionary basis.

Our investment team works closely with your advisory team to ensure that your portfolio is managed in line with your objectives. We take into account strategic issues and your external tax position, making sure your portfolio is managed tax effectively.

4. Managing Risk

The volatility of the share market means there will be periods of negative return. That’s why it is important to have a long-term perspective and be comfortable with thevolatility of shares. We ensure that the allocation of your shares within your portfolio matches your risk tolerance and timeframe. For example, we might recommend for more conservative investors complimenting shares with fixed interest, cash or property to reduce the short-term volatility of returns.

Strict risk control measures are used within the direct share portfolio to ensure your performance is not dependant on a single stock or industry.



Private Portfolio Management

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