Private Portfolio Management

Private Portfolio Management

SIRA Group provides a discretionary investment service, encompassing both listed and unlisted investments where appropriate. Your portfolio can include direct Australian shares which are actively managed. It may also have other asset classes, which are accessed either directly or indirectly.

We aim to outperform the market, after fees over the long term. The tax implications of any investment decisions are always accounted for to make sure you get the best after-tax and after-fee returns. This means our portfolio turnover is reasonably low when compared to other active managers. Investments are always bought with the long-term view in mind.

Our portfolios do not track an index i.e. we don’t buy a stock simply because it’s a significant component of an index – the company must hold up to our quantitative and qualitative analysis. Avoiding certain stocks can be as important as holding the right ones.

As your portfolio is managed individually, we can also manage any prohibitions or restrictions you wish to enforce. We can exclude certain stocks or industries for ethical or personal reasons.

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