Direct Shares

Direct Shares

To successfully invest in Australian shares requires research, information sources and dedication. Most personal investors do not have the time or knowledge to reap the rewards of direct share investment.

There are alternatives to doing it yourself. Options include full service stock broking, managed funds or having your own personal fund manager managing your portfolio on an individual basis.
We believe that managing investments is no different from management in any profession – it requires full-time professional commitment. We also believe that wealth accumulated over many years should not be compromised. Your assets deserve to be invested with the utmost levels of professionalism. Giving someone accountability for performance is a necessary step.

SIRA Group combine the institutional features of managed fund investing such as expertise, portfolio construction, stock selection, buying and selling, with the benefits of direct investing. These benefits include access to a portfolio manager and the ability to tailor your investments to your objectives and offset tax positions. We do this by individually managing your accounts.


Private Portfolio Management

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